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Plans gone awry...

Well, in D's view, at least. We had hoped to go camping two weeks ago, but then DH needed to visit his mom (who is doing quite well, btw -- thanks again for all the wonderful thoughts/prayers/vibes/etc -- we really appreciate it!). Last weekend, the kids had their piano recital -- so this weekend was the big chance for our first outing of the summer...

And now, it looks like it's supposed to be cold -- like below 40 degrees! That's for the low, of course, but when the high is in the low 50s, it's too cold to camp. D is sooooo disappointed. I am too, but with more experience with disappointment, I know it'll all work out. He hasn't quite seen that yet, so he's bummed. He keeps saying, "But the weathermen could be wrong." True, of course, but...well, unlikely.

Originally, we'd planned to camp probably a half-dozen times. Now we're down to...two? It's not looking good, that's for sure! Even givens like 4th of July are now looking unlikely (because we're probably going to DH's aunt's cabin, instead -- which will be much more fun for all, anyway). We certainly have had an interesting June so far -- humid, wet, hazy...not like CO at all! I have to wonder when summer will appear ;)

How about your plans? Do you have ideas for helping kiddos deal with disappointment?
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