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Friday Five...

1. We're not going camping yet again this weekend. We could have, but I left it up to DH (as it's Father's Day) -- and he got a new bike yesterday (very cool, I might add -- he's been needing one for a while -- most mountain bikers get a new bike every couple of years, and it's been six for him). So I think he wanted to not have to deal with the packing/unpacking part.

2. To make up for not camping, we're going to try another family mountain biking/hiking time tomorrow. He's going to go with D while E and I hike (and take pictures). Then he'll take off on his own, and I might take D and E out for DQ (that commercial with the brownie batter Blizzard has been tempting me for weeks).

3. For Father's Day, we're going hiking with my dad. DH will probably try to ride again (like a kid with a new toy, hehe); my FIL will be coming over in the evening. I think it'll be a nice, outdoorsy weekend all around.

4. Despite a couple of storms, it seems like our usual CO summer has finally come our way (technically, I guess it's right on time). This morning, it's sunny with dark blue sky and gentle breeze...ahhh. I went hiking/jogging (along with a billion other people), and I feel content and satisfied.

5. Thanks for all the great ideas for getting over my huge writing block -- I'm going to try a number of them out. I'll keep you posted :)

Happy Friday, and happy weekend!!
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