November 6th, 2005

November, already

I cannot believe how much more quickly time appears to be moving now that Devin is in pre-school -- and it's only four hours a week! Seems like weekends follow weekends with barely a break in between. Things are picking up for my friends...though they got worse for one first: she is surrounded by cancer -- her uncle, her uncle's wife (who recently died), her boss's wife, and then, last week, her brother...sigh. But her brother's surgery went well, and things are looking good for him. Her uncle's chemo seems to be beating his, as well. My other friend, who suffered from a miscarriage, has now heard why...good news is there's something she can do to hopefully maintain a full-term pregnancy; bad news is she has to get a shot twice a week...eek.

As for me, I am excited about writing; just this morning, as I lay in bed listening to my husband deal with my children downstairs, I was able to flesh out my book, which has been giving me fits. I'm excited to get back to it now, and I'm more hopeful for the agent responses I should be getting this week for my latest query...after two rejections (Levine and Dutton) on the same day this week, I was allowing myself to be a little down...time will tell.

I simply have to remind myself, as the golden leaves blow away for this year, that spring always comes anew...and the bright lights being raised all around on the bare trees helps me enjoy the beauty of winter, even as I antipate the fresh spring.
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