January 6th, 2006

Getting back to life

So we're all getting back into things. Our friends are doing okay -- as well as can be expected. I wrote my own little pb on death for their son/grandson...and illustrated it with photos of Devin I've taken over the past couple of years. Then I sent it out to six publishers. I don't know about that, I must admit. I'm not a pb writer, by any means. I'm not cute or good at toddlers -- or any of that! But I was discouraged with the lack of books on death out there aimed at toddlers...in fact, I didn't find any. So, on the off chance that one of the publishers might find it worthwhile, I thought i'd send it. Now, if it did get published, wouldn't that be ironic? AFter working on YA and receiving countless rejections...? Oh, well. If it does get published, I think it'll all be due to the dedication: "Dedicated to Phil Rummery and to his grandson Johnny, who loves him still." It comes from a line in the story: "We can talk about our memories of them because we love them still. Death can't take love from us."

Other than that, we had a very nice Christmas. Surrounded by family and really excited kids, we enjoyed the warmth and love. And for New Year's we went to a cabin in the mountains -- filled with more family. The kids got to sled -- and although neither of them liked the cold snow, my son had a great time:) It was very nice.

I hope everyone else had just as much beauty for their holidays!
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