November 8th, 2006


Tagged by kporterbooks, I'll play. I think I'm first, so I'll take G.

Ten good things:
1. Good -- nice word, nice connotations
2. Green -- like when the leaves shoot out in the spring and the world is glowing with green
3. Golden -- my town, which I love, and which I'll be sad to leave
4. Grandparents -- my kids have wonderful, wonderful grandparents, and they adore them all!
5. Glimmers -- of truth, of hope, of beauty
6. George MacDonald -- my favorite author
7. Getting -- what you hope for, what you need
8. Green chili -- my DH makes the BEST!
9. Gah-gah, goo-goo -- and all wonderful baby things that eventually become even better kid things
10.Great Britain -- my favorite country after America

Five not-so-good things:
1. Gangrene -- self explanatory, he-he
2. Giant messes -- sigh
3. Giving up -- perserverance is key
4. Getting -- sometimes it's not so good to get what you want!
5. Giant insects -- well, I don't really like them, though I'm sure they're good for something, he-he.

That was a nice procrastination -- thanks, Kaelyn :) I tag anyone who's interested and hasn't yet been tagged (Nicole? Jennifer? Lisa?...letters B, Y, E, he-he).
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