January 16th, 2007

Yes!...(warning: rant ahead)

No, this is not a jubilant cry because I've found an agent -- this is actually about a TV show.

I'm watching Boston Legal, and Candice Bergen just gave a wonderful speech about teachers and their ridiculous work loads these days -- so nice to hear that on television, SO NICE!

I taught for nine years...and I know many of you are still teaching. The expectations heaped on teachers' shoulders is ludicrous, and the fact that so many of you remain dedicated and work so hard is a testimony to your personal strength and integrity. I applaud all of you!

Someday, some wonderful day, teachers can again be those who are asked to teach, and only teach. I hope it will happen -- we are not supposed to be parents, counselors, nurses, therapists...we are supposed. to. teach.

Blessings, friends.
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