March 11th, 2007

Three at once...

Well, after two months of doing almost nothing productive -- stopping and starting a ms about five times -- I've rediscovered my excitement.

So right now I'm working on three mss at the same time :)

One began as a MG -- I started it, wrote a hook (which RV hated), then scrapped it; started again...and yesterday changed it to lower YA. Now I like it, and I'm excited about seeing what happens with the idea.

Another (which is what I've rewritten the most) began as a disaster novel (LOVE disaster movies). It started as YA, changed to upper YA/adult crossover, went back to YA -- and now i've finally taken pages of notes and like where it's going. I think. So i'm going to begin it again.

And the final is a straight YA fantasy, the first I've written in over a year. I like it, but some of the plot points need to gel a bit, so although I'm almost 5K words into it (after two days), I'm trying to let it simmer before I get back on it.

How do you work? Do you get many ideas at once, or do you do one thing at a time until it's finished before even listening to other voices? how do you keep the creativity flowing even when you're distracted by TOO MUCH WAITING? Just curious :)
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