July 23rd, 2007

Camping and Harry Potter...

Yeah, it rained. Which was especially surprising when you realize that it was mid-90s just an hour away at our house -- and yesterday, it neared 100! But I spent a good part of the weekend shivering ;) WE still had fun, though D got so tired he had a total meltdown yesterday morning before we left. Our camping spot was GORGEOUS! I didn't take my camera (which pretty much insured I'd see tons of beautiful things) -- the wildflowers were unbelievable in their color and variety; we overlooked the entire South Park and mountains beyond; Saturday morning, fog lay over the whole valley with the peaks poking out (and this was during one of the few sunny moments for us). Really beautiful and refreshing.

The second we got home, I grabbed HP7 from the mailbox. Collapse )
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