August 12th, 2007


Well, after the beginning of the week being so filled with (pretty much needless) angst, the rest of the week was fairly peaceful. Right now we're collecting bookcases for our other house (to use in our closet, rather than building shelves because, yes, we're lazy -- and it's cheaper to buy used shelves). We're having to drive all over to get these things, but we're finding them on craigslist (what a wonderful discovery, btw).

Only ten days until DS begins K (not that I'm counting, of course). He's very excited. Yesterday I got the day to myself...heaven! I went shopping (he-he) and hit a great sale. I ended up with four new tops (which will be DH's b-day gift to me), two pairs of Levis for him (he's very particular with his Levis -- only 560s will do, and they don't make those as much anymore -- I've been looking for almost a year!), a couple pairs of pants for DD, and a book (by Jane Yolen). Then I went to the mall and had Panda Express (yum!) and read THE WIZARD, THE WITCH AND TWO GIRLS FROM JERSEY, which is so funny that I kept laughing out loud in the middle of the crowd. But it was so loud that no one noticed (I don't think).

Then (and yes, I'm finally getting to the title of my post) we went to see BOURNE ULTIMATUM...loved it!! I like mysteries/action/thrillers. And now I've planned out even more of WIP -- which is a mystery/thriller type book. Does this happen to you? Do you go to movies and come home burbling with book ideas? (And they say movies are empty entertainment :)....
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