August 24th, 2007

Friday Five...

because I've never tried this before.

1. D loves school, though the 'sitting' doesn't thrill him. Also, I'm not sure how long it'll be before he's bored on a regular basis, but next Friday is his assessment day -- which means then the poor teacher will have 25 students in 25 different places and have to figure out how to help each of them accomplish something throughout the year. Right.

2. We had an unbelievable storm last night (around 1:12 am, to be exact -- well, that's when I woke up). It began with lightning and thunder, right on top of each other. WE have a few windows in our bedroom, so it would flash bright, then BOOM! That went on for maybe ten minutes...and then the skies opened up. I've heard that phrase many times, of course, but I've never experienced it like this. suddenly, in less than a second, it went from no precip to pouring rain and hail -- with the lightning still flashing and the thunder still booming. It was as if we were in the percussion section in the middle of a Berlioz piece, or something. Wild! It poured and hailed for about twenty minutes, then stopped, just like that. AFter some more flashes and a few more booms, the storm moved on...and this morning, we had piles of hail here and there as our only reminder.

3. Success: I went to the gym today for the first time in two weeks (since the last time when E screamed so much that I had to leave and take her home) -- and she actually played and had fun! Granted it was only 45 minutes, and she practically ran out the door when I showed up, but it worked :) I might have even burned a few calories.

4. Today it really feels like fall...but it's supposed to be 92 again by Sunday (huge sigh).

5. We're going to a couple of BBQs this weekend -- on Saturday, friends of ours are hosting a block party and are inviting even those of us who don't actually live there. It should be fun, I think, though DH is going to the Bronco game, instead (so I'll be on my own with the kiddos). Sunday, friends of ours from Boston are coming to town and mutual friends are having a gathering to celebrate. There will be tons of kiddos at that one, I think -- we all have at least two, and the oldest is 7 -- so it will be loud, if nothing else :)

Look at that, I came up with five things :) Hope your weekend is lovely -- and thanks for all the supportive and encouraging thoughts and words sent my way this week!
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