November 7th, 2007

Book stuff and NaNo count...

I finally got on the NaNo site yesterday, so there's something showing :)

I love discovering new books (don't we all?)! First off, I read GRIEF GIRL, by Erin Vincent. I was a little nervous going into it because I didn't want it to be too sad...and it really wasn't. It was very well done, imo. Erin recalls the event that changed her life -- and she focused mostly on how they survived it. For me, the majority of the sadness came in when I realized how she and her sister didn't get a childhood -- and there was a very poignant moment (for me) near the end. But I'm very glad I read this!

I'm almost done with frost_light's book, HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE. Now two things: 1) I'm not a vampire lover. I couldn't even get through TWILIGHT. 2) I 'know' Jeaniene through LJ, and I definitely like her. This is a great book! Seriously. It has nothing to do with knowing Jeaniene, and everything to do with a great MC who kicks serious butt -- and a great mystery/action/suspense-filled plot. I generally only read right before bed, and I'm frantically rushing through it, trying to find out what happens. (I mean, I read the last page, of course, because that's who I am -- but it didn't make sense -- which is GOOD -- and now I'm trying to put it all together). If you like any of the above-mentioned qualities in a book, you'll love this one (Oh, and it's filled with some strong sexual tension too).

14505 / 50000 words. 29% done!

Admission: I know we're not supposed to delete during NaNo...but I had to! Seriously, yesterday's pages were pure crap, and I couldn't go anywhere from there. So I deleted two of them and started at that point. Yeah, I'm a cheater.
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