December 2nd, 2007


So my computer died today. I can't even get it to turn on long enough to find all my e-mail addresses, so I'm sending out a plea here (and on Verla's) for anyone who's e-mailed me (and doesn't mind if I have your e-mail addy) to e-mail me again. Very frustrating!! I also lost all my agent messages that I've been keeping track of, all my crit group's sad. Very, very sad.

I know others of you have gone through this too -- and I have to say thank you for all the suggestions of backing up files regularly. Thanks to you, I only lost e-mail stuff. All my books and pictures are safely on disc :) So there's some good news!

Other good news: we had another computer just sitting around. It's old, but because I'd never hooked it up to the internet, it's still in good working condition. Our wireless router also works as a regular router (yes!), so I'm also able to get on the internet. So I'm feeling less frustrated this evening than I was this morning when I thought there was no hope. I was actually wondering if it was a sign that I was supposed to give up writing...but I guess not, heh ;)

Hope your Sunday wasn't nearly as frustrating, however! Here's to a new week, my friends :)
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