May 22nd, 2008

Contest time...

Nancy Viau's having a contest -- and I definitely want to enter :). I'm excited about her book because not only will I like, I'm pretty sure my 6-year will love it!! :D

My elementary school science teacher taught me to love science. I had a very good science teacher for 5th and 6th grades (same teacher) -- Mr. Smith. I still remember the light houses (a little cardboard house with a nightlight in it) that we used to study the light spectrum. It was my first understanding that the world was made up of things that I could learn about.
Physics was my favorite science too -- and I was a physics' major for a while in college.

Move over, Ramona Quimby…
Samantha Hansen is ready to ROCK!
Look for Nancy Viau’s middle-grade novel, Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head, this September. Get your signed ARC at BEA or ALA this summer!

Contest ends Friday at noon.
Winner announced Monday.

Yay, Nancy, for writing such a cool book :D
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