June 30th, 2008


Where I Live, Day Two...

Today's pictures were all taken from my house, things seen right here :) One of the things I love most about our neighborhood right now is how rustic it feels -- in fact, that's one of my favorite aspects of Golden. The whole town has a small-town feel, even though Denver is only minutes away (and we're technically considered a suburb of Denver).

A rose on our rose bush...I don't typically think of CO as a flower place -- but the wildflowers are gorgeous; and for people who actually plant flowers, they can also be lovely (the rose bush was already planted when we moved in, hehe).

Our neighborhood is on the side of a foothill, and we get a fair amount of wildlife here. We had foxes living under our deck, packs of coyotes wander through periodically, and deer come down and nibble on the flora regularly. This guy was next door and then trotted across the street, which is where I captured him.

We have a cluster of aspens right outside our front door -- landscaping done by the previous owners. I love aspens, and I love watching the leaves dance in the wind. I took this picture last summer.