July 5th, 2008


Where I Live, Day Seven...

Well, it's down to the final day. Thank you, cynthialord for such a wonderful idea -- and to every one who has participated. I've so enjoyed 'visiting' your homes :)

For the last day, here are some classic CO pix, beginning with a place that I think most people associate with CO right off the top -- the Maroon Bells (although I have taken many pictures of the Maroon Bells, all of the daylight shots were with my 35mm -- so I stole this one from the internet).

Aspens galore...(near Telluride)

The top of the world...(near Steamboat Springs)

Hiking the peaks...(Arapahoe Pass, west of Boulder)

Paths through the sun...(Kenosha Pass)

This is where I live...and it's my favorite place in the world!
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