August 21st, 2008


Thankful for...

1. Finishing the first draft. It's pretty short (32,757), but I have some scenes to add (already in my head). We'll see -- at least it's done!

2. Our upcoming weekend. We're going up to Grand Lake to stay in Chris's family's cabin. His dad will be there too, along with his aunt, and the kids are soooo excited (we might be a little excited too).

3. Work. Thanks to lizjonesbooks, I will have a little extra income in the fall. It may not be much, but every little bit counts! DH has been getting more week in the past couple of weeks too...somehow, we'll muddle through :)

4. Anticipation. I'm really looking forward to the conference. I got my registration in on time, and the workshops look fantastic!

5. All of you! This community is so wonderful -- it's great to not only receive your support for myself, but when I see it offered to friends (and even strangers), it warms my heart!

Group Hug :D