October 3rd, 2008


Friday Five...

1. I'm not really one to mention my political beliefs here -- and I'm not going to start now :) However, whomever you support, please check the facts! A great site for this: . Make sure you actually know what your candidate is saying and doing :)



4. After reading sarahtales's fanfic of Harry Potter, I'm realizing how far I have to go before I get that kind of emotional depth and relational tension in my reading...wow.

5. As much as I love leaves, my blog page is making me dizzy...so I think I'll be changing the format once again. However, can I just give another shout-out to boreal_owl for giving me this fun?!! :D
ETA: This is the new layout, btw -- this one is just right, hehe :)

Enjoy fall!
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