December 2nd, 2008


So my FIL got us the Reader's Digest for Christmas. I haven't read these in years (my parents used to get them from my grandpa). Anyway, I'd forgotten about some of the funny jokes, but I have to share two of them -- they're state-specific:

How do you know you've met a Coloradan?

He's carrying his $3000 mountain bike on top of his $500 car (and it's usually a Subaru). *giggles like mad*...this is so true (and I added the part in parentheses)

For brian_ohio:

How do you know you're in Ohio?

They only have three spices: ketchup, salt, and pepper.

*slaps her leg* Those are great! Know any great state-specific jokes (which happen to be true) for your state?
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