December 4th, 2008



Well, I think old man winter got his dates mixed up -- we should have another 17 days, right? But it's coooollllddd right now (22 degrees), and it's snowing. So it looks lovely, but man, I'm so cold-blooded that I sit and shiver on days like this!

Yesterday, however, I went to the gym and enjoyed the steam room...ahhh. Even the memory makes me smile ;) I also helped in my son's classroom. It's a funny thing once you've been a teacher (for me, at least) -- I thought it would be hard to not be the one in control. And in some ways, it is. I find myself becoming a teacher the moment I step through the door -- but I kind of like how TL is the one who determines everything. I just go along and do my own thing.

One of the other moms was there, as well. She's a friend (she used to live across the street). Only when non-teachers are present do I realize how different (um, strange) I am ;) Little things like her not recognizing short and long vowel sounds reminded me that your average person doesn't go through life thinking about such things, hehe. I think she was a little embarrassed when she had to ask me if 'love' had a short o -- but she's never taught phonics, and in our day, we weren't taught through phonics, either (whole language, sadly).

Anyway, my thoughts drift like the tiny flakes outside, I think :) I also have a slight headache today (urgh), which I'm hoping won't become a full-fledged migraine. I've done no writing this week -- my non-writing computer work has taken up all my time. I feel the story, waiting there in my mind...I hope it doesn't give up on me :)

Well, enough babbles -- tell me something exciting (or just fun) from your life today!