January 9th, 2009


Five on a Friday...

1. So I've often wondered if I'd ever have my own celeb connections (just because I'm curious and weird that way), and it turns out that I might actually...have you heard of The Fray? Well, the drummer for The Fray has the same name and is the same age as a student I had a a while ago (um, a long time ago). (I originally put his name, but then I thought of all the googling that could be done, so I edited it.) I've seen the pictures of their drummer, and it's possible. I can't say for sure, though, because seriously? He was ten (or nine) when I knew him. Boys change A LOT in that amount of time. I've done some investigating, and it's a fairly strong possibility that the BW I knew (in my own school, btw) and the drummer are one and the same. Kind of cool.

2. I had this feeling yesterday as I drove up the hill to our house. We've talked about putting the house on the market (again) and moving back to our other house. But as I drove up the familiar road, in my gut, I thought, "We're not moving. This is our house." It was one of those truly certain and inexplicable feelings -- and I guess we'll see if it's true. (I must say, it would be nice...mostly because I don't look forward to showings and cleaning and packing and...well, any of it.)

3. I have a meeting this morning with the accountability team at D's school. I've wanted to join this committee since he started Kindergarten, but at this school, they combined the accountability crew with the PTA -- and there is almost nothing that could bring me to a PTA meeting. Now there's a new principal (interim -- I guess no one wants to work at this school; I'm sure it's because of the ridiculously demanding parents), and she's trying to set things up correctly. So the first, separate, PIE meeting is today -- and the funny thing is, the principal went to my high school. She was a year ahead of me. I didn't know her, but DH did. Apparently she dated one of his close friends -- kind of a loser, btw. I think she's embarrassed that anyone knows that, hehe.

4. The wind is back. Sigh. I seriously wondered if it would blow the entire side of the house away. I'm so ready for quiet!

5. I managed to get past the wall I hit on my WIP yesterday. I think things are flowing again -- woo-hoo! On a related note (kind of), I think I'm going to start mentioning my favorite books on Twitter. I have to do something with that, right? (Though it's been fun 'chatting' with brian_ohio.) As for Facebook? Well, zibeth has ruined me forever there -- she got me hooked on Scramble (yes, I'm blaming you, A!). Now I can't stop until I at least get into the top three. I'm fourth, at the moment. lisa_schroeder? I'm coming after you :)

Have a great (and non-windy) weekend!
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