January 21st, 2009

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Kind of a meme...

authorwithin nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award -- thanks, Joan :)

As part of this award, I must list seven (7) things I love and then pass this award on to seven (7) "Kreativ" people.

Everyone knows I love my family so I won't use that for one of the seven . . . unless I get stuck. The following are in no particular order.

1. The sound of the wind whispering through the pines on a winter day in the mountains...I'm sure this happens in the summer, as well, but there's something about the colder air that adds to the beauty. Add to this the glorious gold aspens...maybe just nature's beauty, altogether!

2. Writing (duh).

3. Reading (another duh).

4. Teaching...though I don't need to teach in the classroom again -- instead, I'll help in my kiddos' classes or teach online and get all the joy there.

5. Crocheting...probably one of the best outlets for me; and it's like yoga too...always soothing me.

6. Friends...I'm spectacularly blessed in my friends -- online, in person, family friends...the richest blessings of all.

7. Music...whether I'm playing the piano, singing, watching a symphony -- music take me to another place.

As for choosing seven friends, that's a tough one -- because I truly enjoy all the blogs I read every day, which means you're creative in my book :)

I'll make seven suggestions, but if you don't find your name here, let me know and I'll add it (seriously -- no, I'm not putting the copyright there, yeesh).

juliakarr, jenny_moss, marybethkelsey, jennifer_d_g, tracyworld, shaelise, jgurtler, and bedazzled2.

Oh, and authorwithin is also running a contest where you could win something she makes -- and since she's a very creative person, you should wander over to her blog and check it out!
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