January 23rd, 2009


Yeah, that was my experience so far at ALA. I got there around noon to help with some set-up. I did not ignore friends' advice about parking close and wearing good shoes -- but the only affordable parking was about a block away from one corner of the convention center. (More on this choice, later.)

Set-up was fun; but then...I got to wander the hall. It was mostly empty (of people), and I started grabbing books set up in lovely displays right then. Before the exhibits opened to the public, I think I had 40 books. And I came right out and asked when I saw something I liked/wanted but didn't see the pile of ARCs.

Then I went back and got my badge. When it opened officially, I got more books. So many that I'm drowning in them, and believe me, it's such a good thing :D

With four bags of books, I had to walk to my car. By now, it's dark and very cold...and on the way, one of the bags broke (yikes). I collected the books and stuffed them into the other 3 bags and continued my slow hike. It took me probably 20 minutes to walk that one block (which ended up being closer to four blocks because I exited the convention center at the opposite corner of where I'd parked and had to walk all the way around) -- oh, and I got to cross two very busy streets with my bags, as well. Fun times.

But really? It was sooooo worth it. I got every book on my list (and then some) except for a handful, which the publishers said they'd be putting out tomorrow. Plus, I get to meet up with nancy_v tomorrow (and perhaps more).

So how many books did I get? Hm...I'm thinking this should be a contest (after all, I have plenty of prizes, all of a sudden) -- therefore, I won't give the answer. But I will post a picture. And the contest (which I will make official either Sunday or Monday) will have to include the books I pick up tomorrow, as well. Here's the pic:

That's me -- exhausted but not caring at all :D
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