January 26th, 2009


Weekly Contests...

So I spent yesterday trying to figure out the best way to have a regular contest, and I think I've come up with something that could work. My plan is to give a clue as one of my Friday Five every week. That's the goal -- a weekly give away. Right now, I'm thinking 8 weeks is how long it'll run, but I'll maintain the right to stop it earlier or stretch it out ;)

Starting this Friday, I'll have my usuall Friday Five. One of the five will be the clue -- and the clue will pertain to one of the books coming out this year and discussed on debut2009. The clue will not mention a summary of the book -- it will (hopefully) be more subtle than that. I'm hoping people will actually go and check out the 'our books' section of debut2009 to figure it out ;)

Why this site, you might wonder? Well, I know many of the writers there, and I want to help promote them and their books as much as I can. Here's how it will work: one of my five will have at least 3 clues in it about one of those books. The clues might be ciphers (or something similar) about the author's first or last name; they might be words associated with the book; they might even mention something about the covers or a general association with the plot or characters. That's what you get to figure out.

I have no idea how easy or hard it will be...I haven't written clues like this since I taught, and I don't know how good I was then (hehe). You'll notice that the clues are embedded in a Five that sounds similar to my other five, too.

Anyone in North America can participate -- unless it you realize it's your book (hehe) or one of your critique partner's books...or, if you're one of debut2009 and you instantly figure it out. I'll have to leave you on the honor system for that one. The first two to offer the correct answer win their choice of four (or five) ARCs (and I'll list the ones to choose between each week). Have I mentioned everything? Let me know if there's anything you're confused on here. ETA: After this Friday's clue, I'll have a better idea if it's too hard or too easy -- I'd like to find a balance which will allow the Debs to play, as well :)

I'm excited -- I hope it's at least a little fun for everyone else, too!
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Our first winners!...

So, the actual number of books I picked up at ALA was 140 -- 127 books and 13 picture book galleys.

That means our winners are...
annewriter with 142
kellyrfineman with 143
and tied mandyhubbard with 137.

The three of you can e-mail me (reprehn at comcast dot net) with your top choices (and your address) -- Anne can simply list her first choice; Kelly and Mandy list two (if your first choice is Anne's choice, then I'll move to your second -- if that's the same, we'll draw numbers, heh).

The other three books will go back into the pot -- and I'll add them to the prize pile for Friday. Thanks for playing! Don't forget to check back on Friday when we'll have a clue and more books to win :)

Also, if you're enjoying the contest mode, check out authorwithin's newest contest -- very nice!
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