February 13th, 2009


Friday Five Contest, Valentine's Day...

So today's version will all center around Valentine's Day -- but remember, this doesn't mean the book had anything to do with Valentine's Day. Also, remember that I won't mention any words from the title as part of the clue; and only one of the five will be the clue with the hints (there are 6 hints today).

Oh, and the other new feature, again thanks to Karen, I'm putting a time limit on the contest (until 1:00 p.m. MST); then I'll take all the correct answers and draw two names from the Debs and two from the non-Debs. Good luck!

Here are the books you could win today (or, as I always say, if you have a wishlist and it's something I have and am not keeping, it doesn't hurt to ask):

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Today's winners...

Five of you got the right answer -- those who had already won a book, I gave second priority to (there was a tie -- and my son picked the hand holding one of the names) -- so the winners are as follows:

tsd_writer, lisa_schroeder, cyn2write for the Debs -- and ravelda won the tie. Go ahead and send me your top three choices -- I'll work it out from there :) Thanks for playing!

Oh, and the answer, heh, #4:

When I was a teenager, Val’s Day was hard. I seldom had a boyfriend – and I think I only had one during the holiday until I was in college. It might have been the sarcasm or maybe the touch-me-not vibe DH swears I gave off. I had one boy who liked to trade pranks, but I wasn’t as clever as he, and I think he got bored. Sometimes I thought about joining the Chess club – or the Scrabble club (more my speed) to meet guys. But I never did. In college, it was the week after Val’s Day that my soon-to-be-boyfriend and I went on a walk...er, we wandered. He thought it was a walk, but I didn’t really have a destination in mind (other than landing a date). Strange how these things turn out – my cousin Jonathan, who always had more Val’s Day dates than anyone else I knew, is still single today. Game, set...well, you know how it goes!

Fiona is sarcastic, and she and her 'husband' trade pranks. The cover is a Scrabble board; walk...er is obvious, hehe; Jonathan is the name of one of the key characters; and the last one implies 'match', for MATCH MADE IN HIGH SCHOOL.

Good work to Karen, Cyn, and Thusentha, all of whom most of the clues :)