March 6th, 2009

single deer

Final Contest!...

The Final ARC contest!I have four who have gotten every title correct -- keep those guesses coming! I'll draw names from a hat, so you still have a chance -- and it's fun to see the guesses, hehe.

For the last one, I’m doing something different. I wish I had a timer, because that would be ideal…but since I don’t, I’m asking all of you to time yourselves (though it doesn’t matter that much, hehe). Anyway, I’ll again take four winners – two Debs and two non-Debs. Debs, you can enter even if your book is one of the answers. I have a long list of ARCs (most of which are coming out in the next few months) which I’m giving away – the winners will receive the list and get to choose.

Here’s today’s game:

As quickly as you can, find the titles from debut2009 which best match the following two-word clues – number them and give your time at the end. Comments will be screened, and I’ll close the contest at 1:00, MST. Then I’ll put the names of those with the most correct responses in a hat and draw the names of the winners. The four fastest times will get their names in twice.

Get those timers ready…and…Go!

1. Twins, Tats
2. DJ intern
3. stay human
4. Viola’s jinn
5. life photo
6. zombie homecoming
7. forbidden friend
8. ghostly revenge
9. life-altering secret
10. Spanish influenza
11. duke heels
12. laughing leaves
single deer

The Winners...

Thanks for playing! Some of the guesses were interesting, and, as you'll notice below, one of you guessed a different title for one clue, but I agree that it fits -- so you got your name in the hat -- and won :)

Here are the 'answers':
1. This is What I Want to Tell You - twins, tats
2. Shrinking Violet - DJ intern
3. Fairy Tale - stay human
This is the one which could also fit The Forest of Hands and Teeth
4. As You Wish - Viola's jinn
5. Flash Burnout - life photo
6. You Are So Undead to Me - zombie homecoming
7. Faery Rebels - forbidden friendship
8. Give Up the Ghost - ghostly revenge
*I had a couple people guess this as Shadowed Summer...since I've read the book, I know that the two-word clue doesn't totally fit it, so I'm taking game-maker perogative to say the best match is GUtG.
9. 20-Boy Summer - life-altering secret
10. Winnie's War - Spanish influenza
11. Prada & Prejudice - duke heels
12. The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z - laughing leaves

And the winners...*drum roll*...
shanasilver, megancrewe (the only Deb winner this time), jessica_shea, and fandoria. I will e-mail/PM each of you with my list of books and we'll go from there.

Thanks, everyone -- and have a great weekend!! :)