March 20th, 2009


Friday five...

1. Well, we have a minor bully in D's classroom. I know this kid (N) as I volunteer in the class every week. He's a good kid, but I've seen his tendencies to mean behavior before. N is easily the smartest boy in class (and I'm sure he knows it), and he has the arrogance to go with it (even at 7 1/2). Most of the time he's decent to people, but if you give him any room to misbehave, he'll take it. Yesterday, I guess he was bored or something, because he pushed D a couple of times, he pinched his back hard during music, and then he 'accidentally' pushed his pencil box into D's face (as he was bending over to get something) and caused a bloody nose. Needless to say, DH and I were especially unhappy to hear that D did nothing to stop any of this. So we had a long talk about standing up for yourself and letting others know when they're bothering you. It's a hard thing to understand when you're 6...I hope he gets it, though. Apparently, N has chosen D and another boy to be his main targets. Sigh.

2. There was a blazing fire on the hillside on the opposite side of the valley from us last night. I looked out the window around 10 pm, and I saw this orange rectangle of brilliant light. I must have seen it soon after it started (and we're wondering if it was an explosion or something, because it was already huge), because the fire trucks didn't appear for a few minutes after I saw it. The news had nothing about it, so we're still not sure what happened. I hope no one was injured!

3. First day of Spring!! ('nuff said)

4. It is, however, supposed to snow on Sunday, hehe.

5. D's first ski trip was very successful; I think they'll try to go again in the next couple of weeks. D can't wait!