April 2nd, 2009

single deer

Thankful for...

those moments in time when you realize that if one thing had been different, something scary could have happened.

We got a quick snowstorm last night, and by the time we were ready to head home from my parents' house (around 8:30), the snow had melted and turned to ice on the roads near our house.

We were driving in two cars (DH in his pick-up, actually), side by side on the highway...when the jeep in front of DH shot across all three lanes and began fishtailing out of control. The car in the left lane barely missed the jeep.

In my car (with the kiddos in back), I said, "Oh, shoot -- oh, shoot -- oh, shoot!" as I pumped the brakes and hoped I'd stop before I hit the jeep or the other car. I have anti-lock brakes, and my car slowed nicely; but our truck is a truck (which means it has poor traction), and DH was certain he'd hit the jeep, which by this time, had gone back and forth in front of us twice.

Finally, the jeep slammed back to the right side of the highway and came to rest, facing the wrong direction, against the guard rail. The rest of us -- only DH and I and the other car -- were able to continue on.

It could have been bad...but it wasn't. And I'm thankful that God spared us all, last night. Even the people in the jeep were most likely fine -- it didn't flip or crumple. I'm sure they were terrified, but physically fine.

I don't think our kiddos realized how close to the edge we were -- by the grace of God, I managed to keep pretty calm (I didn't even swear). Of course, it happened so fast -- so yeah, I'm thankful today.