April 17th, 2009

single deer

Friday Five...or maybe three

1. It's snowing again, and we've gotten 7 inches. They almost canceled school, but I guess they decided the storm wouldn't hit strongly until tonight. The roads are sloppy but tolerable. It's also thundered a few times...springtime in the Rockies!

2. I guess they're having a really difficult time finding a teacher for D's class next year. And the funny thing is, I don't think they've even mentioned how tough the class will be on the teacher yet. I wonder what they do if they can't find anyone willing to take it on?

3. I had acupuncture again yesterday. It's so relaxing. My migraine was hugely minimized last month because of it; we'll see what happens this month.

4. ...

Well, apparently I've run out of things to say -- never thought *that* could happen! Happy Friday :)
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