April 24th, 2009


Friday Five...

1. All the pain vanished by last night -- very strange experience, but I'm relieved that it's over. I suppose next time I won't be as panicked (ha!), though I'll continue to hope there won't be a 'next' time ;)

2. Birthday weekend is upon us! D is so excited...and I'm getting to test my unusual baking skills again, as one of his friends is allergic to milk and eggs. I have some leftover gf cake mix from E's food sensitivity days -- and I'm trying a suggestion for egg substitution I got from a gf recipe. We'll see how it goes (though I doubt it will really matter -- the girl in question will most likely just want to eat the frosting, anyway -- especially as they're decorating their own jumbo cupcakes themselves). We're also have a treasure hunt (with clues) -- it's fun planning a party for kiddos who can all read!

3. C got 6 more orders yesterday -- we're kind of in shock at the volume of business right now. I'm thinking I should buy my plane tickets for Chicago (ALA) before it slacks off (assuming it does) ;)

4. We're getting a kitten next week sometime -- finally! As many of you know, I've been wanting a kitten for a while...the one we're picking up (from a family with a farm) is a grey tabby. It'll be so fun to have a cat in our house again :)

5. Through jamarattigan's blog (linked to another blog), I found this quote (which I believe was through another link, as well): "Pursue your dream until another dream comes along which is stronger." That's very much a paraphrase -- but I love that idea! The idea behind the blog was in knowing when to quit (writing) -- and I think this is the perfect answer!

Here's to a Friday of dreams, my friends!