June 15th, 2009

d running

Weekend Roundup (was that a tornado?)...

Saturday was all about work -- I cleaned the house, finished up some website stuff, did some critiques. Then we went to our friends' house for dinner -- it was a productive day!

Sunday was also productive. I did even more on the website, and I feel like it's finally coming together. My FIL took the kiddos to City Park -- and while he was gone, we had hail, torrential rain, and apparently a tornado warning, including siren...except I didn't hear any siren, and the wind wasn't that bad. But my FIL said they saw funnel clouds forming (not where they were, but over here)...however, nothing touched down. I still don't think it's physically possible -- though before yesterday, I don't think we'd even had a tornado warning before! So that was our once out of one hundred years happening ;) (Seriously, Lill, this doesn't normally happen!)

Then my dad and FIL were here for dinner -- we're still planning to do something with them on Father's Day, as well, but my mom's out of town, and it just kind of happened.

About two-thirds of the ARCs have been claimed -- let me know if you're interested in seeing the remaining list :) Have a good Monday!
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