June 26th, 2009

d running

Friday Five...

1. We leave today to visit my MIL. I have ideas on how to make it a peaceful and enjoyable trip (let's hope I can execute them, heh).

2. I hope, pray (and believe) that MJ has finally found peace. And that FF has found joy and rest from pain.

3. Aside from taking along a bunch of books to read, I'm also taking some pre-pubbed mss -- yay!! Of course, I realize I'm taking much more than I can possibly do...but I definitely can't read it if it's not there, right? :D

4. I won't have internet access, because my MIL lives in a dinky town in the middle of nowhere (beautiful mountains nearby, however -- the Sangre de Cristo range).

5. I think we're going to leave Niko with my parents. I'm torn -- I don't know if kitties this age can stay alone without being miserable (he's 3 1/2 months), but I definitely know the drive over there will distress him -- any wisdom?

Happy weekend, all!