July 23rd, 2009


It's time...

for our first camping trip of the year. The warm clothes are packed (though with quite warm weather in town today, I had a hard time believing I'll need my ski pants -- even though I usually sleep in them!), the food lists are organized and ready to fulfill, our friends are contacted (and joining us)...and we're ready to go. Mostly :)

As you know, I don't love camping -- I love that the kids love it and that DH loves it...I love the time with my friends...but the sleeping on the ground, in the cold, with the bugs and dirt -- yeah, that part I can totally do without. (Warm vibes appreciated, hehe)

Oh, and DH is going on a guys' camping trip in two weeks -- and again for Labor Day weekend (this is after a Moab riding trip in May)...I'm thinking I need to be proactive and find more girl time!! Yeesh...

Have a great weekend, all -- stay warm and insect-free :)
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