August 3rd, 2009


Weekend Roundup (with pictures to show)...

Another camping weekend -- this one drier :) The wind was in force, however, and it's too bad I don't have a video of us putting up our didn't feel funny, but I imagine it looked a bit comedic (took us around 45 minutes instead of the usual 15-20). With a thousand or so stakes (I might be exaggerating), we finally got it to the point where we didn't think it would blow away.

The kids had smores, the adults had alcohol (well, not me, as I don't drink), and despite the plethora of ATVs (and exhaust and noise), it was still a beautiful weekend. We went for a hike on Saturday -- most (all?) of the pictures are from that day. I went a little crazy with the aspen trunks, hehe.

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If I was in Lisa's lkmadigan book (Flash Burnout), I'd be like Marissa -- always on the 'pretty' side, I think. I have to say, reading that really made me wish we'd had photography classes in high school (well, we probably did, but I didn't know about them).

Happy first week of August!