August 21st, 2009


Five on Friday...

1. My parents are taking the kiddos overnight tonight -- woot!

2. DH is going on an overnight tomorrow night (tonight he'll be at a Rockies game)...seems like the closer to fall we get, the busier we are.

3. Today is the kiddos' assessment for school -- they're excited ;)

4. Next weekend might be our last camping trip of the year; then comes Aspen; then comes some time alone (DH and me), perhaps, while my MIL takes the kids for an overnight. Then maybe we can just settle into autumn.

5. I hiked/jogged this morning and got passed by a ton of other runners...all of whom looked to be around my age -- so I can't even use that as an excuse! (However, as of this week, I've lost 8 lbs -- not a ton, but it feels like a good start.)

Happy Friday!