August 28th, 2009

d running

Five on Friday...

1. Had my first run-in with a rattlesnake this morning -- fortunately, it was very clear, right in front of me. Unfortunately, I couldn't get around I threw rocks at him (I have terrible aim, so there was no chance of hurting the guy), hoping to convince him to leave. A couple minutes after I started this, another hiker appeared (with a dog NOT on a leash -- think she learned that lesson quickly when I shouted out a warning), and she also pelted with rocks. After maybe 15 minutes, the snake finally uncoiled and slithered off...and we all went on our way ;)

2. Had another first today Collapse )

3. This weekend will be our last camping trip of the year -- I'm not really excited about it (I'm worried I'm going to freeze, truth be told -- plus, I haven't been sleeping well, and since I never get much sleep while camping...well, it's more of a chore, at this point). The kids, however, are quite excited -- both shared about it at school, and they can't wait! So, it will be fun to see them having fun :)

4. My MIL is coming into town next week and having people over for dinner (at our house) -- another event I'm not looking forward to (especially since I'll be the one doing all the cleaning to make the house presentable first -- and probably all the kitchen cleaning after, though I did just mention it to him and he agreed to help). Shockingly, DH didn't even ask if I minded; he just told her it was all right. *sigh*

5. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, at the moment. I know things will settle down before too long, and I'll feel more in control -- but as so many of you know, being a mom (a parent, period) and trying to work (even part-time, let alone full-time) and trying to do anything else...I could really use a vacation! :)

So here's hoping for just what we all need...coming our way soon! Happy weekend, all.