September 18th, 2009

e looking into distance

Friday Five (dreams)...

I'm the type of dreamer who remembers my dreams. Probably not all of them, but usually a few a night. I'm also a lucid dreamer -- for example, if I'm flying in my dream and afraid of landing and hurting myself, I'll actually think, "Oh, but this is just a dream, so I know I can land safely." And then I do. I don't always have lucid dreams, however, but usually I can. When I'm stressed, I have recurring dreams (or dreams with recurring themes) -- here are my five most common stressed-out dreams:

1. DH and I aren't married. We're usually in each other's lives (and sometimes we have kids; sometimes we don't), but I'm always wondering what I can do to get him to marry me. *rolls eyes* When I'm in a lucid place, I'll remind myself, "This is only a dream. You're actually married already." :)

2. Food issues -- like being forced to eat slightly raw chicken or too much chocolate. I don't think I'm ever able to dream lucidly in these cases.

3. Steep stairs -- they can be in a house or just floating in space. They're always very steep and seem to go on forever. I think I read once that stairs signify sex...I suppose that could be true, but I kind of doubt it (though, truth be told, I haven't had many of these dreams in the past seven years, hehe).

4. Being chased -- and either my feet won't move or the vehicle I'm on/in won't go. I think everyone has these. I can almost always dream lucidly here, and I'll just remind myself that it's a dream, and I can do anything in a dream -- including simply wishing to be somewhere and then appearing there. This dream is also often combined with having something in my eyes so I can't see -- and those are icky, because I can't pull out of them.

5. The typical 'having a final and never been to class' dream -- funny how I still have these, even after all these years. Rarely will I be able to reason in these dreams, and when I do, I'm always confused (if I'm not really in school, then why do I have a test?).

Dreams are so interesting...what about you? Do you remember your dreams? Do you have recurring themes?