November 5th, 2009


Character Study...

So today, while trying to show my husband how inflexible I am, I managed to lose my balance and fall all over the place -- ultimately banging my arm hard against a stationary bike (yes, clumsy is my middle name). And that made think of a time in college when I was similarly graceless -- and then I started thinking about the guy who was with me, at the time (and his reaction) -- which brought me to this idea of sharing (at random times, I'm sure) some of the characters I've known in my life.

We'll call this boy Randall. I first met Randall at All-State Choir, my senior year. (For those of you unfamiliar with All-State, it's a choir formed from the top high school singers around the state -- you have to audition.) Anyway, Randall not only made it in, he was the bass soloist. So of course, I noticed him. I think he probably noticed me too, mostly because I ended up chatting with the soprano soloist, who happened to go to his high school.

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I still wonder what happened to him. Did he ever find any kind of happiness with that awful girl? Was she only awful around others? Did he learn humility?

And therein lies a possible story...maybe I'll speculate a bit more ;)