December 14th, 2009


Weekend Roundup...

* Birthday party for a friend of D's on Saturday turned into a long event -- but at least the boys had fun (and E only complained for a little while that she didn't get to go too).

* Christmas party at a friend's house Sat night -- I sent DH and the kiddos off first, so I could wrap some presents (finally). I got to catch up with a friend there, and it was fun chatting with her (we went to high school together, so I've known her a while now).

* We had brunch with my parents yesterday morning (and my brother and niece) -- my SIL is quite pregnant (due on the 27th, but they're hoping for sooner). Then we went to the tuba choir downtown (outside, so it's nice the weather warmed up a bit).

* Got to meet with jennifer_d_g after that -- always so soothing and good :D

* My parents had taken the kiddos for an afternoon of Christmas present fun (making them), and the kiddos wanted to stay for dinner (they kind of invited themselves). So I went over to fetch them after.

* Poor E got sick from the spaghetti (not really sure why) -- all over her bed, a few books, her favorite blankets, two pillows, and the wall...sigh. At least she feels fine today and got a fairly decent amount of sleep last night (in the extra bedroom).

So that was the weekend. I hope yours was a little less exciting (spaghetti-wise), but just as heart-warming :)
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