January 9th, 2010


Random thoughts...

  • One of the things which frustrated me about dating in high school (which I didn't do much, btw), was that I knew the chances of it leading to 'happily ever after' were slim. I mean, how many people do you know who met and started dating in high school, only to end up with a successful, long-lasting, and happy marriage? I know two couples. That's it. So yeah, even though I'd have my little daydreams about walking down the aisle with the guy I currently dated, I always knew it was doomed from the beginning.

  • Of course, now that I'm older and have successfully made it through those years of angst and longing, I wouldn't change a thing...and I did know of my husband in junior high and high school, and even college. But I wouldn't trade my 20s (filled with learning and doing all kinds of things on my own, including traveling) for anything!

  • I've always been horribly impatient, and it's a little concerning to see the same traits popping up in both kiddos -- ack! D already talks about how he wants to grow up yesterday, already, and find the girl he's going to marry and spend his life with...yeesh.

  • I suppose that could mean DH and I mirror a good marriage relationship, though, right? :) Well, that's how I'm going to take it, hehe.

  • In another month, we're celebrating our 10-year anniversary...in some ways, it feels like 10 days. In others, it seems like forever :) He's a wonderful man, and I'm very blessed to have him in my life!

    Wow, look how those thoughts came full circle...maybe my brain's kicking back into gear again after the holidays. Happy Saturday!