February 8th, 2010

deer winter

Weekend Roundup...

Thanks for all the happy anniversary wishes -- we had a lovely time! I dropped the kiddos off at my parents Friday afternoon, then made it to the library before it closed (my treat to myself, hehe). DH was dropping off skis, so I went to the video store and bought a few sale vids -- we met at a restaurant and had a yummy dinner, then went home and watched a video (The Hangover -- funny, irreverant). The only challenging part is that I had my first migraine in a couple months *sigh* -- but although it was annoying and didn't allow me to sleep very much/well, it didn't incapacitate me.

Saturday morning we went to breakfast. The weather around here was very blah and chilly, so we couldn't do what I had hoped (drive in the mountains and take pix); instead, we went to a movie (Up in the Air -- not really a great choice, imo). The sun came out right as we got out of the movie, but by the time we got home again, it had hidden behind the grey cover. We lounged and then went to dinner (Chinese/Japanese buffet -- yum) and another movie (Leap Year -- fluffy, fairly unbelievable -- but at least it didn't suck the life out of us, like the earlier one). Then we went home and vegged.

Sunday morning, my parents had us over for breakfast (late, thankfully) and we got the kiddos. They made their class valentines once we got home, and then we went to our neighbors' house for the Super Bowl. DH and D watched the humungo-screen in the basement, and I stayed upstairs with the hostess and her MIL -- the three of us chatted and nibbled and kind of watched a few commercials. I crocheted and the hostess did a little work on her laptop...E wandered back and forth between the basement and us...and then the game ended and I took E home to bed.

Yep, we're exciting folk around here ;) Happy week!