February 11th, 2010


Keeping the romance alive...

of sorts. As Valentine's Day approaches, love is in the air (supposedly). It got me thinking about how DH and I keep our relationship strong and filled with little moments of love and romance. I'm a very touchy person, so every time I pass him in the hallway or the kitchen or anywhere, really, I reach out and touch him -- his arm, his shoulder, caress his cheek, trail my fingers across his stomach or chest. It's amazing how touch communicates so much.

I also love hugs. I manage to steal at least one good one every day.

We both belong to the same gym, and although we tend to drive separately and arrive and leave at different times, whenever our times overlap at all, we seek each other out. He likes to do the spin classes, so he'll come and find me before or after. And if I leave while he's still spinning, I'll stand outside the glass walls until he sees me. Then I blow him kisses and smile my love to him.

What do you do for your significant other? How do you let him/her know every day how important he/she is in your life?
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