February 15th, 2010

glorious fall

Weekend Roundup and friendships...

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It's interesting how men and women pursue their friendships, isn't it? DH and his buddies have been friends since elementary school (the group we were with this weekend, at least). They have decades of shared history and jokes, and when they get together, you can almost see them all relax and let the cares of their daily lives melt away. There's always tons of laughter and guys talking over each other, but they don't really say much. It's all about the comaraderie, the inside jokes, the one-up-manship.

With us women, it's completely different. I met these women because of DH -- we were (and are) the wives/girlfriends. When they got together, we had to as well by default. Today, I've gotten to be close friends with a couple of the wives, and we will get together without our husbands when we can. Our kids are friends, of course (almost like cousins, really), but mostly we just connect well. We talk about everything, from struggles parenting to work woes to inconsequential aspects of our lives. It always feel right to meet up with these women, like a part of me is finding a piece I'd been missing without realizing it. We don't have years and years of shared history or stories -- but we share our hearts.

The men met as boys, and although their friendships are just as strong as ours, somehow it's like the boy within them is cheering and yelling and laughing when they're together. We women have friendships based on adult needs, fears, triumphs, and dreams. I find it fascinating that three of my dearest friends today came about because of either my children (my best friend L) or DH (my other two close friends P and B). I have two other dear friends whom I met on my own -- and one of the them is from high school (plus we were college roommates) while the other I met right after college. And then, of course, I have my close writing friends, who not only understand all the challenges in being a writer, but also seem to understand me (no small feat, hehe).

I think DH and I are both incredibly blessed in the love and friendship we have around us -- and I thank God every day for the riches he's given us! Happy Monday!