February 19th, 2010

d running

Five on Friday...

1. I'm loving the Olympics! I think the judges have done a great job with ice skating this year -- for once. Even though Shen and Xaou had problems in their free program, they were so far ahead of the other Chinese team from their short that I thought the results were exactly as they should be -- and they certainly worked for it and put together the two strongest programs (together). And of course, Evan Lysacec (have no idea how to spell his last name) was amazing. I'm sooooo glad he beat Pleshenko, who although he's a strong skater, just has so much arrogance and lack of finesse in between the jumps that he really shouldn't have gotten the gold -- so all is good. Of course, as I mentioned yesterday, Shaun White is unbelievable -- as is Apolo Ohno (can't wait for more short track tomorrow). I could go on longer, but I'll stop now ;)

2. D had another good afternoon of practicing -- for the moment, I think we're onto something (whew).

3. It snowed about an inch last night, and tomorrow it's supposed to snow more. This morning, although the clouds were covering us, we could see the sun shining on the distant hills (with blue sky behind them) -- gorgeous!

4. I had lunch with one of my closest friends yesterday -- she's such a fun, insightful, accepting person. I feel blessed to know her.

5. E wants to have a sleep-over with the boy across the street...um, no.

Happy Friday (and weekend)!