February 22nd, 2010

e looking into distance

Weekend Roundup...

It was cold and snowy this weekend, but DH wasn't as thrilled as he would have been as an avalanche closed I-70 over Vail Pass, so he and his buddies had to ski Keystone -- they were NOT happy.

I drove E up to Lafayette (about 45 minutes away) for her first birthday party ever (that didn't include D) -- she had a wonderful time, even though we didn't get home until it was dark out.

I managed to not only do the basic house cleaning this weekend, but I also went to the dollar store and got some little baskets for books -- and now my book table is neat and organized (I organized the counter in the laundry room, as well -- something DH has been wanting for ages now). I love the look of newly organized stuff :)

Yesterday it continued to snow, even when the sun was out. All told, though, we only got maybe four or five inches -- and it's fluffy.

Still loving the Olympics :)

Happy Monday!
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