February 24th, 2010

deer winter

Middling on the right to bear arms...

Every time something like yesterday's incident at Deer Creek happens, I wonder about the insistence in this country to uphold that amendment. I get that people want the freedom to buy a gun for their protection if they want to -- but an assault rifle? We're not at war...not that kind of war, anyway. Maybe it's my generation, but I don't see the need for those kinds of weapons to be accessible to the general public.

Now I have no idea who this guy is -- maybe he really had a legitimate need for an assualt weapon before the craziness of yesterday afternoon. Who knows? But still, even without any facts, I wonder...

(If you're wondering if it affects those of us near to these events more -- um, not really. The kids still had school today, just like every day. And with their ages, they don't know what went on. They saw the news, and they heard us talking -- not in detail -- about the multiple phone calls we got from the district, but we didn't make a big deal out of it. And yeah, the moms at the bus stop wondered about the water in Littleton, which is the city right to the south of us, but no one was very concerned. After all, it wasn't a student who held the gun. I guess we're too used to adults losing it, sadly.)
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