March 1st, 2010


Weekend Roundup...

  • There was some snow, but fortunately not a ton of accumulation.

  • There are bunnies -- we have so many around here, we're all beginning to wonder where the coyotes went...and till they return, we have bunny tracks criss-crossing through every snowy yard.

  • There was a little bit of reading...and a lot of work (this is 'crunch' week with my online job).

  • There might have been sleep, but it went by so quickly I missed it.

  • There is now a very stiff neck (how did that happen?).

  • But I've decided to put the Frustration That Is Writing behind me -- after all, it's a new day, a new week, and a whole new month. The challenge of February is over for another year. Hoo-ray.

    Happy March, everyone...(spring is 19 days away...does this mean my tulips will finally be able to come up and bloom?).
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