March 4th, 2010

d running

Running, running, running...

Yesterday was insane. In fact, this whole week (since the weekend) has been crazy. My online work (which I like) reached the pinnacle of assignments this week, and I've spent 6-9 hours a day working on the computer. Yesterday was the deadline, so I had to get everything back in (which I did by a whopping 20 minutes). Plus, I got no sleep Tuesday night (not really sure why -- perhaps from eating some chips with MSG too close to bedtime? We try to avoid MSG, but I didn't read the label carefully...and then spent most of the night tossing and turning, with only 2+ hours of sleep).

But last night sleep went better. Not nearly enough with the deficit from the night before, but at least I feel a little more human. Plus, with the deadline done, I can relax and take things at a more leisurely pace today. Whew! I'm even going to the library later today -- hoo-ray!

Of course, all this means that my Writing, What Writing?, it's really starting to feel like spring outside, and I'm itching to do something about that (be prepared for tons of pix...of what, I don't know, since everything is still brown).

Hope you're all having a good Thursday!