March 12th, 2010

e on ground

Friday Five, er Four...

1. So we're discovering that E is a reluctant reader -- even though she's also a gifted reader. Her teacher went to a seminar on gifted readers recently and learned that gifted readers fall into two cateogories: the reluctant reader or the avid reader. She said we need to model a love of reading for E (and I laughed -- I mean, how many more books should I read a year to model that??) -- but I'm open to anyone else's suggestions on how to encourage E to read. My friend L said that her daughter is very similar to E -- they both will read very simple books (think Dr. Seuss-types) but nothing with more than a dozen words on a page.

2. The wind is blowing spring our way...well, I hope it's spring and not a blizzard. The tulips are being munched by the bunnies, but the daffodils aren't -- so maybe I'll get flowers of some sort!

3. Did I mention I'm on a good-book high right now? :)

4. I can't believe we lose an hour of sleep this weekend -- I like the extra daylight (who doesn't?) but losing that hour slows us down for at least a week.

I'm out! Have a great weekend ;)