April 9th, 2010


Five on Friday...

1. I dreamt last night that the leaves were coming back to the trees, but they were coming in yellow instead of green, and I was worried that it meant the trees would be bare again in just a few weeks. Hm...

2. DH and most of his buddies are going to the Rockies' home opener today -- I think it's the only time he really cares about baseball.

3. Do you ever think about where you would live if you had all the means necessary to do so? There are a couple of houses in the neighborhood next to ours which I would love to live in -- they're not too big (but big enough) and they have an amazing view (plus they back to open space). Every now and then (maybe twice a year), I drive by, just to see if they're for sale or not. They never are ;)

4. The house two doors up from us finally sold -- it's been on the market for around four years now.

5. It's funny how 'for sale' signs pop up just like flowers this time of year...one of D's friends lives on a really nice culdesac (all the houses back to open space there), and I noticed a house for sale. If I thought we had a chance in you-know-where to sell this house, I'd seriously consider moving to that one too.

My real estate thoughts for this lovely Friday -- happy weekend!

P.S. It's my parents' 45th wedding anniversary on Sunday -- wow!
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