April 16th, 2010

d running

Five on Friday...

1. I'm on the accountability committee for my kiddos' school, and although it's not always convenient, I must say that I really enjoy knowing the ins and outs of what's going on. Perhaps it's because I ran my own school for so long, but I like hearing about budget issues (though NOT fundraising), staffing challenges, and extracurricular needs. We have our penultimate meeting today.

2. And now I'm laughing because I said that last sentence aloud, and DH said, "I've never heard that word before -- is it the ultimate writing utensil?" He was being snarky (well, about the writing utensil part) -- the first time I used the word 'bulbous' he thought I made it up too ;)

3. DH is slammed right now -- good for our finances (especially after the horror that was tax season -- ack!), but hard on his stress level (he got 7 orders yesterday afternoon).

4. However, tomorrow is the birthday of one of his skiing buddies, so they're skiing and staying the night in a condo (a group of them); we're going up on Sunday to take D skiing while E and I wander and take pix. Um, I hope it's not raining or snowing!

5. Kind of a glum Friday around here -- but really, a glum Friday is still the best day of the work week, right? :D

Happy weekend!
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